Over the years technology has brought plenty of facilities in order to make our lives more comfortable and protective. Technology in the shape of smartphones and instant messaging apps has changed our lives no time ever before. The rain of smartphones and social networking apps are leading up towards a new world. Young teenagers are very fond of social messaging apps and Instagram is one of those instant messengers which are very popular in teens. They send photo and videos on this platform. But having less privacy and by default on public, the user may get plenty of issues in their lives. They share videos and photo without making privacies really create a mess. They may get encountered with the bullies, stalkers, and pedophilias. But one of the most threatening issues which teens may face on photo-sharing app is adult content. People share nude photo and videos which young teens may follow. Therefore, parents need to take care of their kids and teens. 



Having more than 4 billion active users, it is one of the largest platforms which have the endless flow of pictures which also categorized along with the hashtags; Instagram could easily be classified as unfiltered cyber space search engine. It enables the user to see cute kittens then the user just needs to do #cutekittens. Let’s suppose if you want to see spring break pictures? Then you need to do #springbreak. If you want to see nudity in photos, then you just need do #topless. It means that the Instagram has a huge amount of adult content which can really exploit the lives of your kids and teens.

What solution parents have?

This is the very tough job to do; it is not easy to know that what kind of activities your teens are doing on their smartphones and on their instant messaging app including Instagram. The threats are very obvious for teens and young kids. Therefore, parents need use to the spy Instagram.

Why should Parent use Instagram spy app only?

Because it has greatest features to spy on photo-sharing app. Parents can keep an eye on their activities which they perform on the Instagram. Parents just need to use the IM’s social media of the Instagram spy software. It allows parents to view IM’s logs, IM’s chats, IM’s conversations and all sharing media files such as photo and videos and VOIP calls.  Parents can use keylogger of the spy app for Instagram. It allows the user to see password keystrokes, Messenger keystrokes, SMS keystrokes and email keystrokes. Ultimately parents can get access to the messenger and keep an eye on all activities which they do on social networking app. It further allows the user to view browsing history of the user of the cell phone spy app. It enables the user to see all visited websites and application along with the bookmark websites. Busy parents can view the each and every individual activity through screen shots by using the view multimedia files of the smartphone surveillance app. Further, it empowers the user to see media sharing files such as photo and videos.


Parents should use the Instagram spy software to protect teens from all night mares they are facing through digital media.