Alaina -The angel banished from HEAVENS  (a part of a scene )

Alaina, with the sparkle of those sea green eyes staring sullenly at the rotten chariot as she travelled through the blank space somewhere unknown, somewhere her fate destined toward. 

“If I had not committed this holy sin….If I had not done wrong to that dead man…. I would not have been in this chariot thrown out from heaven and cursed evil……”

 The jingling sound of the chariot thumping as it hit the ground made Alaina shiver of darkness and fear that strained down her spine making her eyes smolder, more transparent to the vivid scenario where she was thrown out of. She stared at the broken chariot flying over into the horizons dissolving to infinity.

“Is this place made of dust and sand?”

“Where am I? What is that looking like a river down the dead end there?” murmured Alaina to herself as she crossed the lane down that big palm tree with her wounded legs

“Have my eyes turned red or is this river not made of water but blood” a thought crossed her mind as she saw her reflection in the river that painted her face murky red

“Who are you and what are you doing here?” a voice like the thunders fluttered as she saw an image beside hers; with the tint of red much darker than hers in the river full of blood

“I….. I am a cursed angel” said Alaina with a struggling smile and a discerning eye as she saw something utterly strange in the appearance of the man standing in front of her

With the eyes of a bat and nose as dark and pointed as a blunt blade covering the entire face, he drowned into her greenish eyes trying to read words trapped behind that fake and ignorant smile. 

“An angel….. With six trapped and stabbed wings…! I am Zibarogo, one of the seven servants of the Lord of The Torment” 

“What is this place where rivers are made of human blood?”

“Hell…..the place where the dead begins the journey of life and the alive rot…. And I am here to fulfill my duty of taking you to the empire’s gate”

Struggling with her broken legs and heavy wings, Alaina went with the strange man to the empire’s gate still pondering over the thought of what  went wrong with the chariot that threw her into this unknown universe where life rots and the dead rules.

“Lord! Here I am with my new visitor- Alaina, the angel of the Heavens who was thrown into our universe in a deadly chariot, cursed.”

“Torment welcomes you”, Said Atashio with the voice of a heavy stone

“Atashio… the king who wants to free you from the chains of stabbed wings and curse”

With the flash of discrete lightning and thunderstorm, Alaina felt her trapped wings transform to a much lighter and fluffier with the hue much deeper than the black; the balls of her eyes transforming to a much darker shade of red and her hands and feet polished with long black boots. She felt the circle above her head vanish, the shade of her hair straightening to a highlighted blackish brown upto her spine.   

“From today, you are not the fairy with blue wings thrown out of the heavens but a smutty vicious demon tantamount to the malefic nature as us… eating flesh to drive out hunger and drinking blood to wipe out thirst. The divine nature of  yours have been replaced with the unholy spirits; from today you will be casting death spells; fetching prey from all over the universe where living beings dwell; you are assigned to be the slave to our hunger and in return you are granted permission to quench here; this kingdom will serve your every need…..” said Atashio with his broken voice and a fearful look before stuffing his nails into the neck of Alaina.