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It was just a normal work day a few months ago when two customers called Naja and Sophie were in All Star Comics Melbourne picking up their weekly comic books. Along with comic store clerk Cazz, they agreed that something was missing in Melbourne. They wanted to create a club to meet and help introduce other women to comic books as well as create a friendly and comfortable atmosphere to share ideas and passions with the comic book reading women of Melbourne. Thus the All Star Women’s Comic Book Club was born.

The All Star Women’s Comic Book Club is all about sharing your love and excitement of comic books with other women. That means if you want to chat about the characters you think are the coolest, have an in-depth discussion about feminism or just want to hang out reading, this club is for you. The Club is open to all levels of women readers! From those who have never read a comic, through to those who can name all 3600 sectors in the Green Lantern universe.

At each meeting we have seen an overwhelming 60 or more attendees of all ages and reading levels laughing, learning and making new friends. The club has also started a book of the month which attendees can choose to read and join in group discussions at meet ups and online.

We would love to see you at our next meet up on November 9th  at 1000 Pound Bend  from 3:30-5:30.

For more information you can find us on Facebook:

Or Twitter @Allstarwomencc

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