I write a poem every day and these can be found on my website: This one I wrote on August 19th and is about my ex-boyfriend whom I recently decided I wouldn't even try to be friends with.

We cancelled plans to step into an abyss

The wandering canyons never echoed us


These hands that fold inwards


Never again will your name be whispered and never again will you exist

Your floating memory just evaporated

As the night carried on and flapped its wings stronger

A beat beat beat farther and farther from knowing

And loving


With each fading fast time spent the walls of you begin to melt

The outside of my vision blurry

The only clearing ahead with the tunnel vision

To crawl here


Is to lie down within the fallen Autumn leaves and express the dirt

As if it's your own

As if you carry this burden alone

As if the Earth is yours to take