A Write Here wrap-up by Geoff Orton

Sydney put on a beautiful autumn afternoon on Saturday and seventeen emerging writers, from a variety of different genres, spent it in a cozy, sun-dappled corner of 107 Projects in Redfern for our first Write Here event.



The idea was simple, we provided a place for people to write and let them work alongside other dedicated writers. We had reviewers working on pieces for newspapers, bloggers working on their next posts, people working on memoirs and ambitious young adult novelists writing next to budding short story writers bashing out the ‘next big thing’.We’re pretty proud of how it went.

Keen beans in our 12-2pm session

Keen beans in our 12-2pm session

If you’d like to be involved in our next event on June 8, we will again be at 107 Projects from 12-5pm and open on a first come, first served basis. Also, due to demand, we are scouting out venues for a Write Here – Parramatta planned for June 15.

Alternatively, if you’d like to run a Write Here style event in your town, let us know and we can help you get it organised. Check out our Meetup page for upcoming Write Here events in Wellington, NZ and Melbourne in the near future.

Some of the comments after Saturday’s session:

It was great to come together with other writers and get some work done – Viv

A big thank you to @writers_bloc for organising today’s Write Here sessions. I added about 1100 words to my manuscript in two hours. – Lyndon

Really helpful, good to be around other writers, motivated by all the work everyone else got done! – Three people if I jammed their comments together to make a one-liner.

So if you’re interested in coming along to one of our next sessions, check out our Meetup page or email us at info@beta.thewritersbloc.net/wpblog

Geoff Orton is a teacher and founder of Writers Bloc. He writes short stories, poetry and the occasional recipe for his friends.

Proud as punch at our first Write Here event

Proud as punch at the beginning of our first Write Here event.

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