This is an anthology of our most popular, most exciting writing from 2015. Enjoy! 

What Is She Doing? 
By Bri Lee


Running Away from the Circus
By Allison K Williams


Taking Orders
By Edmund K. Coleman


Literary Cities | Berlin
by Vijay Khurana


Author Platforms: How to Build One and Why
by Anna Spargo-Ryan


Good Literary Citizenship
By Walter Mason


This Program is Captioned Live
By Alan Vaarwerk


Sick Leave: A Year of Living Horizontally 
By Anna Barnes (Courtesy of Kill Your Darlings)


Make Professional Editing Work For You
By Allison K Williams


Being a Cis White Male Straight Writer Isn't Risky, Being Anything Else is Risky
By Oliver Mol


Whisky Nights
By Angela Meyer
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