A Writers Bloc workshop feature


August 27


I never thought

With a thousand winds against my back and the waves of solace breaking through a foamy white-washed sunset

That I would emerge as the victorious lover

On a side full of bright light and ever-glowing pandemonium

This chaos with the beach and the rocks falling, cliffs beckoning, lives entangling

Had never seemed so calm

Than now, when the present opens and blooms like the first spring flower

A magnolia falling aimlessly within the black backdrop of broken branches

My heart said yes to the believing

But nothing else stands in the doorway


Except my own misgivings

And the stain of yet more fearful limbs


Editor's note

Our feature for this week, Bridget Conway's 'August 27', is a poem filled with action, movement and colour Her writing is frenetic and imparts its story in jumps and leaps - a delight to read and re-read. 

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Bridget Conway Writes

Bridget Conway is a poet, writer, editor, and critic currently residing in Sydney. She is a hippie at heart and has previously worked as a florist and horse-riding instructor and is now studying youth work full-time, whilst taking care of her two beloved cats. You can check out her daily musings on her blog. www.bridgetconwaywrites.com Twitter: @BridgetCWrites Instagram: bridgetconwaywrites Facebook: www.facebook.com/bridgetconwaywrites