This week's Bloc is Featuring newly launched Hook Up, a zine about honestly expressing sexuality and sexual experiences, cutting through unrealistic contemporary expectations of queer culture. You can buy Hook Up here, and check out the creator, Anthony Nocera, on twitter @anthonynocera21.  


That Horrible Moment During Sex or a Date Where... 


Anthony Nocera

We were laying in bed and talking and opening up in that way that you do after sex, and he'd just bought a new car with this amazing engine that was more fuel efficient than his last one.

"I'm saving so much money and time," he said.  

And he really valued efficiency. Now that he thought about it and I made a joke about we'd just fucked for a few hours and there was nothing efficient about it.

"You know, I fucked someone with a fake leg once." he said.

"What was that like?"

"Well, he actually didn't tell me before we were getting undressed. We got through dinner and a coffee and it just didn't come up in conversation. So when we were taking our clothes off, I pulled down my pants and so did he and then he just took it off like it was another item of clothing."

"What did you do?"

"I fucked him. What else could I do? It's not as if it bothered me. I mean ... I was shocked."


"Who expects that?"


"But it was good. I could really get in there. Easy access," he said while he played with my hair.


"When we have sex, me and you, sometimes I wish I could just take off one of your legs. It'd mean I could get in a lot deeper, which would be better, I reckon...if only," he exhaled and looked out the window at my car in his driveway, "what car do you drive?"

"A Holden Astra."

"What year?"

"I don't know," I said. "Like, 2010?"

"Yeah," he said, disappointed. "Yeah. That seems about right.”

Editor's Note

About a year or so ago I got a bunch of dating apps on my phone for the purpose of writing about my experiences (and also getting my dick sucked). Hook Up  is a collection of those experiences, and is the culmination of a year of shit dates, awkward silences and even worse sex. Created as part of my residency with the SA Writers Centre, the zine is a response to the constant correcting and sanitising of queer sexuality and culture. In Hook Up, I want to express my sexuality and sexual experiences as honestly as possible. The zine was risograph printed by Dawn Press in Melbourne. As a result, each copy is a completely personal and individual hook up experience that will stain your fingers if you rub it the right way. 

I chose this piece from Hook Up because it captures that horrifying moment during sex or a date where you realise the person that you're with is probably awful, and that it might not be a bad thing. I think that's pretty universal.

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Anthony is a freelance writer and full time homosexual from Adelaide. He writes memoir and nonfiction about bodies and queer identity and has had his work published in Krass Journal, The Suburban Review and mous. magazine among others. He hosts The Range on Radio Adelaide every Friday and is the literature editor of feud magazine. Twitter: @anthonynocera21 Portfolio: