Starting a Judy Blume-inspired all-girl pop band; creating installation art; writing for theatre — there isn't much Cathy Petőcz can't do when she sets her mind to it.

Cathy's a Canberra-based theatre-maker and creator. She sat down with Farz this week to give Writers Bloc the low-down on her writing spaces.
"A sense of space is important when writing for theatre because you're writing for a space," she told Farz on the Blocast.
"I think there's something about big spaces that help me negotiate my ideas," she says. "I often enjoy driving somewhere. I went to Wagga Wagga for Christmas and it was this amazing experience of having enough space to hold my thoughts. So as I drove through the land it was like my thoughts could inhabit the space that could hold them properly... and I could sort of handle them differently and understand them a bit more than when I'm in a room or a city where everything's tightly packed in."
Since Cathy's work is collaborative, she draws a lot of her inspiration from talking to other people. Her writing spaces have ranged anywhere from a cafe to a bandmate's bedroom, combing through ideas.
"Part of my writing process isn't actually sitting at a computer and writing," she says. "I think it's important to allow time for thinking."
You can listen to the full Blocast here.

Music: Are You There? by Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret
Image: Amanda Thorson
Are you there, Cathy?
You can see Cathy's band, Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret at this year's Emerging Writers Festival:
Cathy Petőcz is an emerging Canberra-based theatre practitioner; a playwright, performer, animateur, and pop musician. She makes miniature installation theatre works, pop-up girl bands, and is currently finishing her first major play, Galaxies, which will be staged at The Street Theatre in Canberra, October 2014.
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