The smooth bench offered itself to the man intentioned to relax. It was newly-built, wood furnished, the paint’s glowing radiance just warm enough to emanate a joyful feeling. The man scooted over to the side and rested his head against the top of the backrest, sliding himself slowly downwards.


He threw the cigarette he was holding away and crushed it with his foot. He found himself grabbing another from the pocket of his white coat, a reflex he had wanted to discontinue for so long, as he smiled and whispered to himself. “I need this.”


For so long he had wanted to be the man standing against the store window, sucking in the smoke and blowing it out. A privilege. In the events that he had smoked, it was because of stress. Now, it was because he had nothing better to do.


For so long he had wanted to simply look at the scenery of the busy streets, cars speeding along, beautiful women walking by, businessmen rushing to their meetings, and the people doing what they’ve been accustomed to: daily routine.

Cigarette’s ran out.



He felt a slight chill that sent him into a deeper comfort.  A huff - eyes opened, mind awoken, feet swung. A puff - vanished. How many cigarettes had he taken? No matter. Don’t let this end.

“No!” a woman screamed. “Help! He’s taking my purse!”

He sat up straight, and then slightly bent, to look at the woman hollering her screechy voice right in front of him. His focus directed to the purse - leathery red, with golden-colored metallic straps, and large enough to fit many, many cigarette boxes. The last thought sent his mind racing, and his hand instinctively grabbed another cigarette from the box.

Don’t let this end.

“Mister! Please help me!” she cried.


The robber ran away.

For a moment his heart skipped a beat, and then…nothing. She glared at him, but she dared not approach. She walked away, crying.

The man tried to grab another cigarette, but he felt only the hollow cave of the box. “Damn,” he said. He sat up and stretched his arms, staring at the direction he came from.

“Maybe this time, I’ll actually help.”

When he went to grab a cigarette, the box was filled to the brim.