I was running though the white and black halls away from the attack. My black gown swishing around my racing feet. The clanging of swords and yelling grew louder the minute. I can't die. Not tonight. "Princess!" I didn't turn or stop to whoever that was. All I wanted to do was run. Blood and sweat had been shed tonight and I wanted no part of it. Part of this world. I turned a corner and towards the wooden doors. Those lead me to the gardens. Breathing heavily I ran faster. I used all of my strength and slid them open. I was surprised to see a guard, but he didn't stop me. I got to the garden and stopped. This garden is like maze. Where to now. "Myyyrrrrraaaaaa." That psycho taunting voice rung behind me. No. No he won't catch me. I run past the daisies and to the green lush. Out of no where a vine closes around my ankle and drags me down. I scream at the pain the vine caused. This is His doing. On cue he stands at the end of the garden path grinning. The vine drags me and I slide closer to Cecile. I scream and try to get the vine off. It doesn't work. I wish I had my power like Blaine and father. The vine stops and I'm now right in front of Cecile. He grins down at me. "Finally. Took a few cuts and stabs but I finally get to take what is mine." He said and I squeeze my eyes and prepared for his attack...






Chapter 1

Age is only a number. A number that gives you more freedom to do what you want. As of today, I turned another number. Big number 18. I can move out of home, go to clubs and drink. The number isn’t much exciting if you think about it.
Cocking my head to the side, I smiled down at my party outfit. I've never gone out to parties because I'm always working. Thought, I work at the club downtown called Mumma’s Jewels. It’s one of the biggest and busiest place in town.
After checking out my black sleeveless dress and a pair of matching silhouettes, I turned around and grabbed my purse near the darkened window. The street seemed suspiciously quiet. You'd usually find boys running up and down the street or our neighbors yelling at each other for who God knows what. The street was always so lively. Parties on Friday nights, festivities floating around or even ceremonies in the neighbor’s back yards. Before I could turn and move out of my room the hair on the back of my neck rose. Do you ever get the feeling your being watched? Right now, I knew that I was being watched. It was like my skin was freezing, knowing something was out there, watching me from a distance. Sighing, I washed away the feeling and climbed down the wooden stairs of my grandma’s house. A creak is made with every step I take down them.
This house is old for my home. I don’t call this home at all really.
Grandma Hilary is the worst person you could come across. She is mean, nasty and the worst person at comforting. Never in my life has she talked to me, or looked at me as to say she cared for me.
When I was born, my mother died of childbirth. I didn't know my father or other relatives until my grandma. When I was growing up, she’d always tell the neighborhood kids to stay away from me because I was weird. To say the least, I was weird. I was always reading books, I was the teacher’s pet all the time and I had dreams about some castle and a man sitting on a throne with a gold and purple crown. The image of the man was always blurry so I could never see him and what he looked like.
When I started working I saved up all my money so I can move away and start fresh. Away from her. It’d be nice to just not know someone who is related to you, hates you. Without a word, I opened the front door and left the old house. "Rude old prude." I muttered unhappily.

As I walked down towards the driveway the hairs on my neck rose again, my skin ice cold. Looking up I watched around the street for anyone unparticular. But as I looked, no one was out. The night sky filled with stars and the loud noises of bugs and hooting owls. It was so beautiful but that sensation made this night seem like a horror film, were the innocent girl will die. Shivering, I let out a huff of my imagination and climbed into my small bug and drove off with my music blaring into my ears.


As I parked my car into the busy parking lot, you could hear the music from inside the car. People stood around the entrance, asking to go in. Some look inpatient and annoyed that the line wasn't moving fast enough. Geez people, have some patience. Not like they have any. People like them are rude. One time when I stopped by the store, I was pushed out of the line by some dude. He had no patience’s what so ever. I'm glad I never saw him again.
My heels clicked as I moved across the pavement towards the bouncer. Moving eyes followed my every step I took. Some didn't look at me too nicely. I grinned a little before stepping next to Adam the bouncer. He growled low in his throat at he glanced at the crowd.
“Its busy tonight." I patted his big muscly arm wishing him good luck and walked inside the club without another word.
As I descended the bar table I spotted the red head I call boss serving drinks. His head snapped up and the usual wide smile showing off his perfect teeth. "Birthday girl." He greeted me and passed me a drink.
I took a sip and nodded at Johnny.
"You bet. I'm now legal." The deep rumble from his chest sets fire to my heart but not enough to shatter. Any women would fall for Johnny. He's super cute, nice and his laugh is like an angel singing to you. It’s like a cliché movie where the popular guys make the girls swoon for him. Kind of romantic.

"Are you going to dance?" He asks.

"Probably. I'm not a good dancer though so count me out." Johnny made a face.

"Okay then. I've got to bus tables. See you." I mimicked my goodbyes and focused back onto the dance floor. I could see people having a good time. The weird feeling made the hairs on my neck stand up again. Is someone watching me?
I blinked a few times before looking back at the sweaty people. Maybe I should relax a little. It is my birthday and when you’re at place to have fun, you should have fun.


The music swayed up around me and my body let loose and I looked like I was having a fun time. No worries and especially no feeling like I was being watched, my skin feeling like ice, making me shiver.
Getting late I decided to head back to the old house. I really did enjoy myself for a change. Never thought that just by going out and enjoying life could be a thrilling experience. I should do it again.
Not many drinks were served to me so I'm good to drive. I think. If I can count my fingers and walk in a straight line, I'm all good to go. The familiar eyes that I felt watching me came again. I looked behind me and hurried my pace. I really want to go to my bed and curl under the blankets where its safe. I used to despise going back to the house but right now, I feel the need to be safe. As I was going at a fast pace, fate decided it wanted me to bump into someone’s hard chest. I quickly backed away and looked up. This guy had the most mesmerizing green eyes. The green seemed like it was glowing in a pit of blue, green water. Enchanting.
The guys mouth twitched up at the corners before speaking to me with a deep accent that was not recognizable.
"Myra Hame?" I nodded slowly, not really trusting this strange person at all. He seemed way to sketchy to me. The twinkle of green in his eye disappeared turning his whole pupil to turn black as the night sky. I squealed in fright, my fear running a full course around my conscience. I wanted to run so badly but something seemed so familiar. His eyes stared deep into mine. Like he was looking deep into my own soul. Gulping I took a step back from the man who was now smirking like a devil. He was the one stalking me! 
His hand came out and touched my forehead. I couldn't pull away because my body felt so heavy. Sweat started to feel sticky on my olive skin. It’s like a ton of bricks fell on me at once so I came tumbling to the ground with a thump. His feet that were covered in black boots stood in my line of vision before the whole world was taken away by darkness.