This is the Writers Bloc Guide to the Emerging Writers' Festival.

The Emerging Writers' Festival is an annual festival dedicated to new writers – a place for aspiring writers to learn the ropes and find their tribe. Seeing as that's more-or-less what we do, we've gone through the program and picked out a few events that we're looking forward to. 


Bloc Club: Live

We're beyond thrilled to be hosting a real-live Bloc Club at the Emerging Writers' Festival, featuring our June Bloc Club book; Enemy, by Ruth Clare. Come discuss the book with the author – in conversation with our Video Editor Bri Lee. 


YouTube Party

Brought to life on ACMI’s big screen, this is the natural evolution of a drunken dinner party. With more variety than a YouTube comment section, and twice the amount of spell checking; eight artists are given the floor for five minutes, to share their favourite YouTube videos.

Featuring Michelle Law, Nakkiah Lui, Huw Parkinson, Chris Somerville, Emily Naismith, and Bloc writers Elizabeth Flux, Khalid Warsame and Joshua Barnes.


Sticks and Stones 

Are technologies such as Twitter and texting degrading the English language? Does it matter that the 2015 Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year is an emoji?  YOLO, so join Twitter stars, bloggers, songwriters and journalists as they divine the future of language and make you ROFL, LoL and  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Late Night Lit: Fandom

Our deputy editor Raphaelle Race lets her geek-flag fly, alongside Georgia Symons,  Amanda Pillar, C.B. Mako and Elizabeth Flux with a game of late night trivia, readings from selected artists as well as an open mic to give attendees the opportunity to shine. Show off your fandom pride with your favourite pop-cult tee or cosplay and join in on the fun to win prizes. 

Masterclass: Emerging Programmers

The festival masterclass where you learn how to make a festival where you can hold a masterclass to teach how to make a festival. Inception, basically. 

Real Fake White Dirt

Written and performed by award-winning poet Jess Holly Bates, Real Fake White Dirt is a critically-acclaimed, deeply moving and savagely satirical love-letter to Pākehā New Zealand’s dislocated past and post-colonial present.

The Emerging Writers' Festival is held in Melbourne from June 14 to June 24. Get involved, and check out the full program by clicking here.  

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