It's festival time again! We love the Emerging Writers' Festival, which runs this year from May 26 - June 5. We've put together a guide to a handful of events we're excited about - not least, our own. 

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Sam van Zweden - Online editor:

Extraordinary Routines - throughout the festival.

The ‘Extraordinary Routines’ project talks to creative people about their routines - when do they get up? Where do they work, and how do they move, and what do they make part of their everyday life? While I know, logically, that nobody’s routine is the key to their success, I also know that good routines are important, and as creative people there’s a lot we can learn from one another. I can’t wait to see the extraordinary routines of writers documented through the festival’s Instagram account, as well as a series of interviews between Extraordinary Routines founder Madeleine Dore and four wonderful, successful, productive writers in a series of face-to-face events.


Katie Found - Social media and events manager:

Amazing Babes 2.0
7.30pm, Thursday June 4

My pick for EWF this year is, hands down, Amazing Babes 2.0. I have the Amazing Babes picture book displayed like art in my office, and have given it as a gift to pretty much all of my girlfriends (with their own personalised entry, of course). Women supporting women, particularly in the arts, makes me really happy, and this event is an ode to that. Plus, the speakers are all total babes.


Anna Spargo-Ryan - Bloc Features editor:

9am - 5.30pm, Friday June 5.

My pick is really the whole day of #writingwhilefemale. I'm so impressed by the diversity in subject matter and the vast array of talent involved. Being a woman (and a mother) who writes comes with a very specific set of challenges, and #writingwhilefemale seems to be offering *both* guidance and camaraderie, which is what I'm all about.


Emma Koehn - Reviews editor:

Late Night Lit - Kill Your Darlings Nerds Gone Wild
9pm, Monday June 1 

Let's cut the talk about developing writing: we all know we go to these festivals to see nerds go wild. EWF late nights are what it's all about - winter, Melbourne, ciders, scarves, and making new friends with writerly folk. On June 1 KYD will take us through the secret obsessions of six word nerds, so be there. If you make your way through this fest without a late night confession at 1000 Pound, you've done it wrong. 


Geoff Orton - Writers Bloc founder:

Writers’ Other Jobs
12.30pm, June 4

And if that isn’t enough, we’re hosting our very own Writers’ Other Jobs event on Thursday June 4, based on the popular Writers Bloc column.

What better way to spend your lunch break than listening to some of the finest storytellers Writers Bloc has worked with? 

Each writer will share with us some of the jobs they've done to support their fledgling careers and avoid having beans on toast for dinner, again. Some stories will be educational, some tragic. Others will be plain bizarre. However, all of the stories have at their core the desire to spend your life doing what you love.

Featuring Stella Prize winning novelist Emily Bitto, rapscallion Robert F. Coleman, professional fairy Meg Mundell and one more special guest, it will be a special afternoon of job-based storytelling. 

And you can be part of the fun too. In between our featured guests, we’d love for you to jump up and tell us your stories of work wins and woes.

It will be an equal parts funny and sad. Kinda like going to work but without any of the deadlines.

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Sam van Zweden was Writers Bloc’s Online Editor from 2013 - 2015. A Melbourne-based writer and blogger, her work has appeared in The Big Issue, Voiceworks, Tincture Journal, Page seventeen, and others. She’s passionate about creative nonfiction and cross stitch. She tweets @samvanzweden.