Another shiny new poem! This one is more on the broody side but I feel we must explore our broody sides in order to grow into a happier human being. The message I leave here is to never put unrealistic pressures onto yourself or your loved ones. Acknowledge your perfections and imperfections, hug them tightly, let them know it's ok for them to be friends and LIVE!

The Fall of the Golden Child

They say "You don't know your own strength" 

I thought I knew mine

I thought I was one of the brave ones

Drink did not overcome me

Neither did my my obstacles 

At least I thought they did not

I was praised for standing on my own two feet 

I adamantly refused to praise or befriend Crystal White, Hazel Pearl, or even the most gracious of all the sinful ladies, Mary Jane.   

In times of trouble

Gluttony was the most treacherous ground to walk upon

The luxurious waterfall of expensive wine to follow

The bitter pill that will render me useless

Escaping the pain 

Escaping the fear 

 Escaping the laughter

If laughter brings joy 

How can laughter be so agonizing? 

Withering every day

I am nothing now

How the mighty have fallen

Now the world laughs at me

Once adored

I was now abhorred 

As I lay in my cozy fortress

Prison of the mind, soul, and body

Here I shall stay 

I can no longer be a part of this world

I never was 

This is what's become of the golden child.