This is a giveaway, in which we do is says on the tin. We give something away. 

Are you a fan of wild, rampaging intellect? Are you an inquisitive mind? Are you looking for an impressive but inexpensive night out with which to treat your old lady/fellow/non-binary special someone? Then do we have a treat for you!

The Interrobang is Melbourne's new Festival of Questions.

The public gets a chance to ask any question they would like online, and then specially curated groups of intimidatingly brilliant minds answer them. The format combines the best of democratising .coms like Reddit and Quora while neatly eliding the worst excesses of Literary Festival Q&As. 

Questions on Notice is one of the flagship events of the festival. On Friday 27 November it will bring all your crowdsourced curiosities, fascinations, arguments and uncertainties to the floor (technically, to the barrel. Apparently there’s a barrel) – and pits them against The Interrobang’s Brains Trust. 

Who is the Brains Trust? Why, just: Abdul Abdullah, Benjamin Law, Alan Duffy, Graeme Innes, Gregory Phillips, Kristin Alford, Maggie Ryan Sandford, Mark Colvin, Mary Norris, Nakkiah Lui, Sammy J, Tom Elliott, Upulie Divisekera all hosted by Director of the Wheeler Centre Michael Williams.

It's a quiz, a battle of wits, an erudite and ribald showdown, and thanks to our friends at Interrobang and the Wheeler Centre, we've got FIVE double passes to give away to our erudite readers. Is that you? If you've made it this far, then probably!

To get your hands on one of the passes, let us know what question you've always wanted answered. Was Alanis Morissette being ironic by writing a song about irony that demonstrated no understanding of irony? Is Donald Trump's hair real? Is Donald Trump real? Why even with the Trump, America? Why aren't mushrooms called marshrooms and marshmellows called mushmellows? And so on.

Get in touch on TwitterFacebook or on email: Tickets go to the readers who pose the best questions, and can make it to the Athenaeum Theatre in Melbourne on Friday night. 

The Interrobang is Melbourne's new Festival of Questions and runs 27-28 November. To check it out, and to explore their program, click here. 

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