Not a story this time but an early attempt at verse. The allusions may appear opaque but the poem's all about Sufism, a form of Islamic mysticism.



On knucled upthrust Hira Mount the Seeker takes his rest

As mounting eastern flamehead fires the flinty peaks.

From cavern's gravid womb, stony ribbed,

He lays his gaze on torrid disc of living gold

As brushstroke claret streaks did bloom th' awak'ning east.


At twice the arrows arc, as bow a-bending,

Sky-high shanks o'erarch and canopy mortal world,

Lofting limbs bestride the compass points;

Ubiquitious titan, Messenger's messenger,

Overlord of four horizons.


They'd said the swain enfleshed with breath the earthen fowl

And shivered the tortoiseshell casketting cameo moon.

Pluck he did the heaving heart from enchamb'ring breast

To purge and cleanse with snowlflakes pressed.


But now a vernal velvet budding of the world,

A blazing inward pelf and new-come soul.

Efface it did the sightless ignorance,

With doubled thumbs to mould and press

the contours of divers worlds redressed.


As vaward to coiling stream of mounting words,

A logos fires the echo chamber of the worlds,

In channelled truth from seven-stepped heaven,

As light upon light: