You know at Christmas time when you’re at your gathering, and you’re just chilling out, kind of daydreaming, or buzzing a bit on the eggnog, or maybe just staring at your pile of Christmas swag and figuring out how to regift Aunt Agatha’s inspired hand-knitted toilet roll cosy? And then someone pulls out the guitar or gets up and reads something, and it gets better, or more exciting, or more ponderous but in a lovely way? This is what we hope our Holiday Singalong is for you.

Each day until Christmas day, we’re sharing writer/performers’ responses to their favourite holiday songs.

And today's Christmas Cracker comes from Emilie Zoey Baker, and boy, is it a cracker. It's called  The Day I Wrapped Bing Crosby and David Bowie in Clingfilm.

Or That Little Fucking Drummer Boy. 

EZB: I'm a big fan of Ulli's Roy Orbison In Clingfilm Website. (That's the actual official name) 

On his site it asks for further accounts of celebrities being wrapped in clingfilm so I couldn't resist but tell the story of Bing Crosby and David Bowie singing ‘The Little Drummer Boy’. It is the greatest celebrity Christmas collaboration in the history of celebrity Christmas collaborations.  Before the song they share this completely awkward banter where Bowie says 'There are Agents sliding down the chimney' and Bing says ‘WHAT?’ And Bowie replies, 'Just making sure you were paying attention.' Then music swells from the middle of the loungeroom and they sing PARUPAPUMPUM and its sublime. For the full gloriously weird and wonderful experience see it here.

Emilie Zoey Baker is an award-winning Australian poet and spoken-word performer who has toured North America, Europe and Asia as a guest of international festivals. She was also the winner of the 2010 Berlin International Literature Festival’s poetry slam Slam!Review. At home, she performs regularly at arts and literature festivals, and has appeared at the Sydney Opera House and TEDx Melbourne. In 2013 she toured Indonesia with the renowned Woman Of Letters storytelling series, performing in Jakarta and Jogjakarta, as well as a guest on their US tour performing in NYC. Emilie is a 2014 Fellow at the State Library of Victoria. She has been poet-in-residence for Museums Victoria and coordinator for the National Australian Poetry Slam. She teaches poetry and slam in schools and in April 2014, she was core faculty for the annual spoken word program at Canada's Banff Centre. Emilie is also the author of eighteen children’s books and has published several poetry collections.

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