You know at Christmas time when you’re at your gathering, and you’re just chilling out, kind of daydreaming, or buzzing a bit on the eggnog, or maybe just staring at your pile of Christmas swag and figuring out how to regift Aunt Agatha’s inspired hand-knitted toilet roll cosy? And then someone pulls out the guitar or gets up and reads something, and it gets better, or more exciting, or more ponderous but in a lovely way? This is what we hope our Holiday Singalong is for you.

Each day until Christmas day, we’re sharing writer/performers’ responses to their favourite holiday songs.

Today's lyrical lollipop comes from Emily Stewart and is a poem about Yo La Tengo's song Five Years

Emily: When I moved to Melbourne after five years in Canberra, I remember playing this song a lot. It’s a pretty raw track, from Yo La Tengo’s first album that no-one ever remembers and which the band doesn’t play anymore. This time of year is always introspective. It speeds up, then slows down, hot, and you think.  

As I look towards my five year anniversary in Melbourne early in the new year, I’ve found myself returning to this track. 2015 looms exciting but uncertain – I’ll be moving once again and then who knows? This track captures the mood and grace of nostalgia. A place to rest before life’s next twist.

Emily Stewart is a poet and freelance book editor. She is commissioning editor of Seizure.

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Geoff Orton

Geoff Orton is the founder of Writers Bloc. He's also a teacher and a Boston Celtics tragic.