A Bright Young Things Exclusive.

Each month we speak to an emerging writer about their first book. Last week Geoff spoke with Dan Marshall, author of Home is Burning for our Bright Young Things book club.

He was really generous, talking about grief, addiction and his Dad's penis.

We chatted about a bunch of more things in our chat too:

Australians and the Utah Jazz

Most sweary movie of all time

Wolf of Wall Street Swearing Supercut (Definitely NSWF)

Stephen Fry's Podcast on Language

Only We Know What it was Like: Dan interviewed by his brother Greg

Hello Sunday Morning

Why Don't Writers Talk about Money? (Ann Bauer)

ALS Research

Miles Teller to star, produce Home is Burning


For the Marshalls, laughter is the best medicine especially when combined with alcohol, pain pills, excessive swearing, sexual escapades, actual medicine and more alcohol

'It's hard to imagine a memoir about moving home to take care of your cancer-stricken Mom and your dying Dad could be fun to read, but Dan Marshall manages to pull it off. Equal parts hilarious and heartbreaking, Home is Burning proves that with family, tragedy always has company' - James Frey


Dan Marshall grew up in a nice home with nice parents in Salt Lake City, Utah, before attending UC Berkeley. After college, Dan worked at a strategic communications public relations firm in Los Angeles. At 25 he left work and returned to Salt Lake to take care of his sick parents. While caring for them, he started writing detailed accounts about many of their weird, sad, funny adventures. Home Is Burning is his first book. 

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