Prelude of 'the story of how a lovesick idiot ruined the world.'

It was funny if you think about it. How it all started. So much pain, suffering, horror. And it all started with a kiss. Well, it mightn’t have only been a kiss that started it... there was also a poet — or at least someone who fancied themselves one. And after that? After that there was a boiling, acid, pain-filled and entirely unintentional pot of revenge, of a sort.

It was quite the controversy, really.

How I ended human life as we knew it.

Now, don’t get me wrong — it’s not that I’m some crazy serial killer or even a super eccentric terrorist. I didn’t want to ‘end human life as we knew it’. It was an accident. And plus, it was a good thing at first.

You see, I cured Ebola mate!

Well, for a little while at least. That was until the ‘cure’ turned into something much worse. And no! I didn’t turn everyone into zombies — I Am not Legend! But we did end up much worse off than we started, because while we could see the cure getting rid of our Ebola, we couldn’t see that it was also giving it a helping hand — and soon enough, a new strand of Ebola was born. Vaccine eating, medicine hating, and death promising. And fast. Very fast.

In all honesty I’m not really sure how fast it was, or how many medicines it ignored, or how many vaccines it rendered useless. I'm no doctor, and I know nothing of this stuff.

Okay, okay! Stop complaining; I know you’re confused! So here it is — the story of how a lovesick idiot ruined the world.