What happens when two exactly similar person meet each other? Siddharth and Roshni two business tycoons with some real hot heads met each other and left the hell break loose. Each of them have a secret life and darkness held within that had kept them going for year. In dire need of some solace they burn themselves more. Just when their life looked to be going no where, they came face to face. A face off that changed their fates for each other. Each time they met , they hated more and each time they Hated they Loved more. But LOVE was never an option !!! A story where Hate was more than Love, where Deception was more than Trust, where Revenge was more than Pardon. A Story where no one was the guy they looked like. At least Siddhart and Roshni where not the person they were know as.



Dogs barking and Kids making noise, this is how I woke up to my new life in a new city among new people and a shabby room. First thing I notice after opening my eyes was the fan which had a speed less that 5 rpm. The corner of the cieling were full of dirt and spiders webs were growing at its peak. Cleaning had never been my forte, actually never really needed it. Thinking of which I remembered that I need to wash my dumped clothes. Gosh torments of life who could have ever thought of me leading such a lowly life. Until few months back I was the most eligible bachelor in the Business Fraternity of our country. Girls used to jump on me where ever I went. Umpteenth business meets, cracking deals for my company, swaying the ladies off their feet with my nuances was what my life all about. I Siddharth Rathore, the Keeper of Rathore group of industries had everything in his life but solace. I tried everything to forget the burning flame inside me. The anger which I had be nourishing for years nevered ceased to go away. Sometimes it used to hurt me so much that I felt like leaving every thing and end the pains for ever. But then I remembered the sole reason of my life and then...And then I worked more , worked so much more that even my life started forgeting what LIFE means.

A strong pain hits my cranial nerves again reminding me of over drinking from last night...
"Damn ...Hangover I hate you" I had to let it, headaches are something I can never bear. Talking of headaches I need to buy my migrane medicines today or else tomorrow my head would lie tore apart on floor and police would keep wondering whether its a murder or some Vampire attack. I stood on floor and looked around the horrific room around of mine. Gone are the spec clean floors, standing staffs , a suave washroom. Gone was the OLD Siddharth, what stands here today is real Siddharth. The Siddharth who was re born only "She" entered my life like a storm. Great! I am again thinking about her knowing that I would never ever see her again. Knowing that I have wiped out my existence in this world. I look at the side table near my bed. The RED Diary a gift of her lied there. The urge to scribble in it rose once again inside me. The happiness in her eyes when she found out about my secret passion of writing is still fresh in my mind. She was one girl who believed in doing every damn thing the heart wishes for. 

Today she is not with me, and she never would me ever. But she is always there in my heart and eyes. I will never meet her again but I can relive those days always and this Diary will be my gatepass to those days. I will write again and let everyone about her , her Secret Life , about us ..and About OUR thing

"I will write again" finally I sighed out and the stingy beer breath out of my mouth told me its time I badly need to brush my teeth and live my new life.