An introduction to the goons.

          You need at least two goons if you wanna keep your hands clean. Stendhal has four. Milani’s his favourite. Leader of the pack. Oldest, smartest, whatever. Keeps the rest of them calm. You need someone like that. Comes in handy when loose cannons like Turner decide to fucking go off in the middle of a job.

          Scott’s the driver. He’s a Skip like Turner, but he’s alright.

          We do it for the money, yeah, but also ‘cause it’s so easy. It’s easy money, roughing people up. Or killing them. Depends on the job. A lot of the time you don’t know who they are or what they’ve done. Don’t wanna know, really. Less you know about them, easier it is to distance yourself from them, easier it is to hurt them.

          They met Monroe outside an abandoned Kawasaki dealership. She was selling them drugs. None of them do drugs except Turner – Scott says he's gotta stay sharp, being the driver, and Milani just doesn’t fuck with them – but they scope out the competition every now and then. And Monroe was some special competition. They took a shine to her. Turner says her coke was A-grade, too. So they talked it over with Stendhal, and he agreed to meet her. He was impressed. Enough to make her goon number four.

          Turner’s married; re-married. None of us have ever met the woman. I’ve met his ex-wife, she’s nice enough. I reckon Scott’s into her. But we haven't met the new one, Brenda. They fight a lot.