An anecdote about one of the goons' past jobs.

            One time, this young bloke from Brisbane, Ray, wanted to do business with Stendhal. Kid acted like a bloody puppy dog around him. Did everything he could to please him. Goons didn’t like that, especially Milani. He’d complain to me about Ray when we were on the job. “Fucking wanker,” he’d say. “You know what he did today? Shows up – unannounced – with a hamper. I open the door, he goes, ‘Oh. Is Mr. Stendhal here?’ Mister Stendhal. Shut the fuck up. Stendhal hears his voice, comes over to the door, fucking wets himself, you know, it’s free wine, and he’s telling Ray how oh, it’s too much, you shouldn’t have, and Ray goes, ‘Oh, well, my mum always said when you visit someone you should knock with your elbows.’ Get fucked.” Milani wasn't jealous. He knew Ray had no chance. I reckon he was genuinely repulsed by someone who'd debase himself like that.

           After getting turned down, Ray did what he apparently thought was the tough-cunt thing to do. He tried to steal from Stendhal. He racked a few kilos from a distributor and took it to some boys in South Melbourne who he reckoned were the competition. Milani pissed himself when he found out. Glad I went with them on that job. It was a fucking beaut. Scott and Turner dealt with his mates, Arch and Milani waited in the car, and I was with Monroe and Ray in his house across the street. We beat him up until we were able to restrain him. I gagged him and tied his hands behind his back, while Monroe hit him across the face a couple times. Eventually, we carried him over to the South Melbourne boys’ place. I left him kneeling at the doorstep with Monroe and went to get Milani. I told him to make it quick.

           Monroe told me about it on the drive back. Milani had walked over and told Ray to knock on the door. He made a noise and looked down at his arms, tied up behind his back. “Knock with your elbows,” Milani told him. Monroe laughed as she told me about this. Milani didn't say anything. Nobody answered when Ray knocked, so Milani said, "Let me try," and smashed his head in against the door. We left the body as a little surprise outside the doorway. Scott and Turner knocked all the South Melbourne boys out, but someone else would find him.

           We work well together. I'm not as friendly as Archie, but they all seem to like me alright. Turner took the longest to warm up to me. The last job we did was personal for him. "I want to do it," he told me. The guy in question was seeing his ex-wife. We were instructed only to scare him, and I thought if Turner got involved he might get too violent. He resented me a lot for suggesting he stay in the car, and even more so because his fellow goons agreed. I guess he thought who the fuck was I to be calling the shots. Fair enough. But he stayed in the car.