Like in title, it's just words and sentences from a story I wrote that isn't very good but that I like the ideas of and I think these lines hit the essence of what I was trying to say. I hope you like it even though it is sad. (behind the scenes note: the title of the original story is 'fall together')

When they were together Sarah felt apart from everything else. Like, the way teenage love gets you drunk on the idea that everyone else is faking it.

and he was so drunk that he’d forgotten how to be anything but sincere

It was the mother-fucking, stone-crushing, heart-wrenching high point of her life.

It could bring her back to feeling, make her want to be there again, inhabit the past and take that feeling for her own. Save it forever.

Sarah told that story the way people tell stories about love.

It’s knowing what’s true, being able to accept it even if it’s just for a second.

You’re more than everything and bleeding a sandstorm in your chest

You want to put your heart in him and

Make life in time with his life

You smell, taste and touch the same bodies in your time.

You’re the still point of the turning world and you worked to break down everything that holds it together

You are solids turning into liquids and growing into spirits that inhabit the air and move everywhere in everything.

In oblivion you fall together.