Chapter 1

Thyra SinClair Travio 

Per-usual, the clouds were grey, the sun had hidden and the smell of rain had lingered in the air. It had been raining for days, never ending rain flow on hours of hours. A small sigh escaped her lips and her danty hands closed a book, she'd been reading. However, Thyra knew how the book began and ended, because her eyes had read the small writing since she was only eight. 

What else could she do? Thyra has been locked away for a long time, no one to speak to for company. She is forever bound to her small tower, away from people and forbidden to leave. Why, she thought over and over. Why had she been locked away after her parents murder? Why?

Thyra moved, a little hiss of pain. The shackle connected to her ankle had left a bruise against her pale skin. It hurts. Every time Thyra moved, a constant thrum of pain danced up her leg. This was to ensure she was kept here, in the tower, never leaving. 

Slowly, Thyra looked down at the silver shackle. "One day, I will escape the prison keeping me here." Silence overlapped the room. She could not even hear the usual creaks or whispers of wind. Quiet. 

A squeak of the locked wooden door opened, Thyra's heart fluttering in her chest. She could escape, run away from the lies and dreaded silence of the tower. Though, the shackle still contained her where she stood. The maid, a small thing, entered the room with a tray of bread and cold soup. 

Before I could say anything, as fast as she came, the faster she left. The maids know who I am, why I'm here but never asking. Deadly ends may come for them. 
With a rattle of chains, Thyra moved towards the tray of food scraps. She hissed as the pain danced. 
"Stupid chains." She muttered. Looking down at the food, she decided that it wasn't worth eating. It didn't even look edible. 

"I wish to move..." But I'm forever restricted. Thyra closed her creamy brown eyes as she eats the stale bread. Tasteless. No flavor. She had always wished for a taste. Something she could enjoy once again like a child. Eating supper with mother and father. Loving the different tastes of different types of food that had been placed in front of her. Thyra's mind closed off when the thought of her loving parents. Had they buried them? Did the Queen tell everyone what happened? Did she spread more lies? She cannot tell. Because she is forever alone. Anger had a little light on Thyra. She will never love the Queen, never bow before her. She ruined my life.



Nanami Iveania Monetie

Nanami couldn't help the small nagging feeling as to follow the maid. She watches everyday, wondering as to where the maid goes. Is there something there?  Was her usual thoughts. Even if she asked her mother, Nanami would get dismissed again. 

She looked towards the sunset and sighed. Nanami could always sneak out, but there was a flaw in that plan. Guards were always placed on rotation at night so no intruders had entered the castle. No one would get in or out. 

Though, Nanami has never snuck out of the castle, trying to obey her mother as much as she can. Queen Marie can be scary.
But, when it came to this nagging, in the pit of her stomach, Nanami had to know what was in that tower. Why the maids had suddenly take route on a dirt road in the deep forest? So many thoughts and possibilities had driven a course in Nanami’s mind, which seemed to make her want to check it out even more.
The cold, darkened halls were quiet for midnight. Usually, the castle was roaming with guards and sentries, but it seems that Nanami got a lucky night.
She tip-toed silently, making sure to double check for any noise around her. Nanami cursed under her breath when a buff looking figure was leant against the front doors. I’m so close, she thought.
So, close to the exit and one little problem had stood in her way. Maybe if she could get him to move somewhere else…
Nanami smiled, straightened out her skirts and walked up to the guard, pretending to look stricken.
She cleared her throat causing the guard to notice her. “Excuse me, guard.” Great, I sound like a pompous little brat.
“P-princess…” The sleepy guard bowed his head to the faking princess

“There seems to be some shortage of guards by the kitchen. Would you please go and take guard there?” Nanami’s lies were sickly sweet as they rolled perfectly off her tongue.
“But I’m the only guard here­- “
“Pish-posh, more guards shall be here any minute. Now off you go.” With a wave of dismissal, the poor guard ran off down the hall without a second glance. He didn’t even bow to the princess. How rude. She chuckled quietly before leaving out the main door without being seen. Easy as pie, she thought.
Following the dirt road, it didn’t take her that long to find the end. However, she didn’t expect a tall, abandoned tower. Small leaves and plants circled its way up the stone walls and a burnt cottage like home looked dreary like. Nanami agreed with her thoughts, so creepy.
Nanami took a closer look and gasped. The tower looked so familiar. The Tower of the Travio family. They used to call this place The Lonely Tower because the only people who stayed in the tower was Josheous RonClair Travio and his poor wife, Caldia. They both started to build Nonah, a peace kingdom that still stands today.
In the late 1860’s, both King and Queen had a daughter named Lisiana. Unfortunately, in 1891, Lisiana had died of an illness. She had only reigned for a few years which put sadness to Nonah. Everyone loved her so. But luckily, she had given birth to two twins that were both opposites. Evien and Jane.
When it came to whom rules, conflict had begun. In the end though, they both had decided that the smartest of the two rule which ended up being Evien. It was okay for a while, the sisters trying to maintain a ‘good’ sister relationship and Evien had met a good man and gave birth to a girl.
All well and good. Then 12 years ago, all three met a tragic end. Never to be seen again. Since Queen Evien had passed, it seemed logical that Jane take her place. Though, a while later, Jane came down with an Illness, causing her to pass on.
Nanami’s mother was close friends with Jane and took over her stop as Queen. Queen Jane will be in memory for a long time. So many queens taking rule, but many falling into the afterlife. Hopefully Nanami will live a long, healthy life as queen. She only hoped.
Nanami slides open the door of the tower and stepped inside. She could feel the moist of cold air and the small hairs on the back of her neck standing on edge. It didn’t seem like anyone could live here, in such a cold environment. You could get hyperthermia.
She found a small, lit lantern and picked it up, holding it close to her. There were small inner-battles from Nanami. She couldn’t be scared… Maybe. What was the possibility of something like a monster living here? A ghost? Some creature? Nanami did not know.
She whispered to the dark tower, “Let’s hope I won’t get eaten, then.” As if the night heard her, the door slammed shut causing Nanami to shriek. I can do this. It wasn’t like monsters exists, didn’t they? Nanami slapped her cheeks.
“Stop it, stop. There’s nothing to be scared about. Nothing.” Of course, she clutched the lantern closer and walked forward towards the stone staircase. Each step she took, each breath of air she inhaled. She could feel the cold hair resting in her lungs, making her shiver. However, Nanami didn’t let that stop her from her curious mind. It was new to her. She never gets curious unless it suits the situation. Hitting the last step, her eyes locked onto another wooden door. A small key was visible to Nanami’s blue eyes. Would the door be locked? Why would it be locked? Whatever is in there must stay in there.
She debated unlocking the door, seeing what her eyes crave to see. Though, realising standing there wouldn’t give her answers, she took the small key and put it in the key hole. All her answers would be taken in account. Nanami wouldn’t have the urge to seek out this tower and what lies within.
The princess opened the door, considering a dimmed room. All she could see was a bed and a window with moonlight shining through.
A glitter of light had reflected the moonlight. Something shinny like. Nanami moved closer before a gasp left her small bow shaped lips. The glint had been a chain, a long sliver chain. But where did it lead to?
Before she even realised, something hit her head and lights beamed the room. Her head pounded and ached. With a hand, Nanami touched her head and looked up, a girl with a metal cup stood staring at her with wide eyes.
“What the hell…?” Nanami examined the girl closer, making sure she didn’t look like a monster she had predicted. No, the mysterious girl wasn’t a monster but just a girl with milky brown eyes and wavy blonde hair. Who was she, and what was she doing here? For some reason, the girl looked familiar to Nanami, but she couldn’t decipher how. Slowly, Nanami stood, holding out her hands in surrender like.
“Who are you?” The words were so soft, Nanami wasn’t sure she would be able to hear them. She smiled at the girl.
“I’m Nanami. And you are?” There was a pause in the air before the girl spoke.
“What are you doing here?”
“I-I, followed a maid here. She came all the time so…” She trailed off when the girl backed away slowly, clutching the metal cup to her chest.
“You cannot be here.” Why was there so much sadness in this girl’s voice? Nanami couldn’t help feeling little pity for her.
“I’m here now,” she paused to take a deep breath. “Are you a prisoner in this tower?” Nanami couldn’t help asking. Maybe it was rude or not but with that chain and the locked door, it seemed likely.
“Isn’t it obvious?”
“What’s your name?” The girl moved, though the pained expression on her face seemed like it hurt when she moved.
“Thyra.” Again, she seemed so familiar to the princess.
“Does the queen know you’re here?” That’s such a stupid question.
“I do not know, does she?” Thyra had done it again. Answered a question with a question. Nanami couldn’t help but feel amused at this small, blonde.