When a young girl with no experience with falling in love and romance eventually falls for a young guy, the dilemma of following your dreams or your heart takes its toll. It is a cliche love story with a twist in the end. It is also a battle of love or just being appreciated.

Let me give you a brief story of my life.

My parents consider me as their angel. I was born in the year when my mom was having a difficult pregnancy, my dad lost his job as a contractor, and they had to feed three little children. When my mom gave birth, I was only three kilos and three weeks premature, but that was when, as they told me, the miracle happened. My dad got his job back, and my mom survived on heck of pregnancy - her last one though. That's why they call me Angeline Castro, Angel or Gel for short.

I grew up in a happy childhood, being the youngest in the family I was the daddy's girl, I have two brothers and one sister, they were my heroes, and since we were not allowed to play with children outside my siblings were my playmate which went well as we grow old. They are years older than me, so they always treat me as their baby, which was funny because until now that I ‘am eighteen and I'm already taking care of their children, they still treat me as a baby, it's not cool, but it's okay though.

To make this personal background thing fast, my favorite color is blue - like the colors of the sky, I listen to indie music all the time, I hate mathematics, and I love playing instruments - piano, guitar and violin, I love reading books - a bragging right because I can finish three books in a week - romantic genre's by the way (with a grin in my face), I love dressing vintage, and I love cars.

Setting aside my personal stuff, let me elaborate with my educational background. I am not always at the top of the class, but in the second or third, I barely raise my hands, but when it comes to literature and English and other languages I am in the A list, always. I am not one of the popular girls, I am that one who join plays and gets the lead role, the one with braces until the age of fifteen and trying to stay out of the “friendzone” since it usually happens and I think will continue to happen until maybe I become one of the popular girls with big boobs, fancy shoes, blonde hair, make up and lipstick, cheerleaders who always get the quarterbacks looking and staring as they parade in the hall of dorks, nerds and losers who has the best of their lives with books and glasses and pile of A's paper, and yes, I am one of them.

I always thought that my prince charming will come to me and save me from insanity of being a loser in the eyes of people, just like in the books I read and characters I portray. But when I see teenage couple in the park, kissing, hugging, cuddling like there's no tomorrow and like no one's watching, I feel the food and drink I just consumed coming out from my stomach, I just want to vomit. I wonder if what's in those lips that causes them not to let go of each other, I can't stand it. But at the back of my head, I'm curious on what it feels like to be kissed in the lips by the boy you like.

So there, that's me, a self-proclaimed loser of all ages and a hopeless romantic raised by a loving family, what more could I ask for? I don't know. Appreciation? Maybe.



Let's be practical- I am eighteen, never had a boyfriend, I celebrated my debut in a simple feast with my family, I am leading this study group and working as a freelance writer for an online website called "Write me" a typical site where students rush in to get their essays done by experts in writing and eventually, get an A. But what the heck if I never had a boyfriend? I am earning my own money, I have circle of friends whom I can rely on and a free life that I am living in – well not really that free.

What I don't understand is why people loves entering someone’s life when everything is going out fine and make them realize that they are wrong about life.

His name is Alexis Garcia, Alex for short, our campus prom king, used to date Ellie Montes, the prom queen, they went out for a year, totally a campus rumor and a hot topic, both of them are campus crushes, not that I have a crush on him, but he is a head turner, that I can say with conviction for he made my neck twist so many times whenever I get pass through him.

It was almost spring time, all students are getting ready for spring break, I was one of them of course, and who doesn't want to get a vacation after months of drowning in books and projects?

Last two weeks of school, I was walking home when I saw Alex and Ellie arguing in the drive way, Ellie was crying and shouting at Alex. Having no care at all, I decided to go home instead.

The next morning, it was all over Facebook, apparently, Alex and Ellie broke up because Alex cheated on Ellie.