It’s coming to an end and nothing’s changed

That’s scary for me but then again

I guess I gotta get there

To know what’s been waiting for me

Whatever it is that has been waiting

I won’t let it go a waste

If I’ve to die I won’t let it happen here

Not where I’m right now at least

I have lived a lie all my life

But I can’t go on anymore

I leave you to yourself, you may have the time of your life

I just want to be free, free to be myself

I have thought hard but it was easy

It never really occurred to me

Why things are the way they are

At the end of it, nobody is really here permanently

Everybody goes

Somewhere, but they go

I’m leaving a little early, that’s all

I really don’t think it makes any difference now

Times have changed

We are no longer the same people

We no longer mean the same