Combined Images v2

My friend Pete once told me he’d cracked university. He’d just handed a document with one and a half images on it to his first year Natural Resources lecturer. He said to me “a picture paints a thousand words, my friend” and figured that his under-graduate essay of 1500 words was more than covered with a picture of a half a tractor and a field of corn.

Picture Fiction is an idea that plays on this old cliché. Except, the word limit is much smaller. A twist on the format of flash fiction, writers are asked to write a very short story about an image of their choosing. It could be a memory, a piece of fiction or a missive. It’s up to you.

Each Friday afternoon we will publish some of them. For submissions, please email

Geoff Orton is a teacher and founder of Writers Bloc. He writes short stories, poetry and the occasional recipe for his friends.

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