'Pub Trivia' is where we get to know our favourite Australian publications a bit better.

This week we speak to Anthony Nocera, whose zine Hook Up is funny, irreverant, personal and insightful as it takes readers along on a series of Nocera's own hook ups. 

So, what is Hook Up?

Hook Up is a zine about love, sex and how we connect. It documents my personal experiences with hooking up and relationships as a gay man and how horrible that often is.

When did you start?

I originally got Grindr and Scruff for the purpose of writing about my experiences (aka getting my dick sucked). Hook Up started because I wanted to explore my sexuality and meet new people… the writing was secondary to the experience. The first issue was released late 2016.

Who is Hook Up for?

Anyone who isn’t my parents (though they’ve read it and said it was good, but don’t look me in the eye anymore… I made a joke and said ‘is it because I have brown eyes’ to my mum and she said ‘you’ve never been funny’ to me. Bless)

If the publication itself were to recommend a book to its readers, what would that be?

A Single Man by Christopher Isherwood because it’s beautiful, back issues of Butt Magazine because it’s sexy, I Love Dick by Chris Kraus because the title is amazing and the writing is magical, and the writing of the very wonderful Emma Marie Jones, who is local and everyone should read. 

What's the best feedback you've had on the mag?

A guy named Jordan said that he loved it and was happy he’d never had sex with me.

What's the weirdest criticism Hook Up’s received?

A guy named Jordan said that he loved it and was happy he’d never had sex with me.

Tell us something people don't usually know about Hook Up?

Hook Up is risograph printed in Melbourne at Dawn Press. The ink from the printer stains your fingers, which is purposeful: one shouldn’t be afraid to sticky in matters of the heart, penis or anus.

When's the next one out?

When writing the first Hook Up, I met someone and fell in love (disgusting, I know). We’ve been together for two years. Hook Up Volume 2, while still personal, is a bit of a different beast and is taking a bit of time to navigate and write in the sense that I want it to be bigger in scope. I’m hoping by the end of the year.

Where can readers find you?

Hook Up is part of a broader publishing project I’m starting called Folly Press. We make dumb printed things. It’s a bad idea. We’re doing it anyway. You can follow us on Instagram @follypress and buy Hook Up Volume 1 (there’s about ten left) here. We also make shirts, Bloc readers can get one delivered to their door with a $10 discount, just use the code ‘TENOFF” at the checkout. 

Read an excerpt from Volume 1 here.

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