Liminal Magazine: Pub Trivia

'Pub Trivia' is where we get to know our favourite Australian publications a bit better.

This week we speak to Leah McIntosh and Linh Nguyen from Liminal about their interview series which couples beautiful photography with exploration of the Asian-Australian experience. 

Liminal Magazine

So, what is Liminal?

Liminal is an online space for the exploration, interrogation and celebration of Asian-Australian identity. We publish interviews with talented Asian-Australians, whose voices are often mis- or underrepresented. As POC, we believe it is vital to represent ourselves and take ownership of our narrative. 

When did you start?

We launched Liminal in March of 2017, after six months of creating, curating, writing, interviewing and photographing. 

Who is Liminal for?

Liminal is for everyone. We’re actively working against exclusion, so it would feel pretty silly to aim for any exclusive readership. 

If the publication were to recommend a book to its readers, what would that be?

This is a cruel question for two literature majors! We’ve instead compiled a tiny list of Asian-Australian books we’ve been reading lately–

  1. Julie Koh’s Portable Curiosities

  2. Bella Li's Argosy 

  3. Chi Tran’s I occupy space, which is to say, i am always grieving

  4. Shaun Tan’s The Red Tree 

  5. Omar Sakr’s These Wild Houses

What's the best feedback you've had?

We were listening to the podcast The Re-readers and then all of a sudden Sam Twyford-Moore was recommending us! As long-time listeners, it was pretty absurd, and very heart-warming. 

What's the weirdest criticism the publication's received?

We’ve been told we’re ‘a bit racist' for not interviewing people who aren’t Asian-Australian.

Tell us something people don't usually know about Liminal.

Liminal is a labour of love—we do it in our own time, on our own dime. 

When's the next one out?

We publish an interview at every Monday at 8am — see you then!  


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Photographs by Leah McIntosh

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