This 'What's My Scene?' post is from publisher Bronwyn Mehan, and it introduces the fantastic small press Spineless Wonders. We're excited to be teaming up with Spineless Wonders over the next few months to bring you an exclusive extract from one of their debut novellists, and feature one of their writers as part of the August Bloc Club and Q&A - we'll be bringing you more information about these events really soon! For now, meet Spineless Wonders...

Spineless Wonders is a publishing company devoted to short, quality fiction produced by Australian writers. We’re interested in brief fiction in all its forms – short story, novella and microliterature (microfiction/prose poems). Our stories are ‘spineless’ because they’ll be delivered to readers via smart phones and laptops in digital and audio formats. And for those who love to hold the book they are reading, we publish paperbacks, too. (Yes, ones with spines).

We love all kinds of stories – contemporary realist, black comedy, historical, literary, romance, psychological, mystery, crime, futurist, speculative and genres yet to be labelled. And we love to discover new voices from diverse backgrounds. Our Slinkies platform is for writers under 30.

We look for new ways to showcase stories and love to collaborate with other creatives. We have worked with a Melbourne-based video artist, Richard Holt, to create Flashing the Square, putting stories up on outdoor screens. We also run a monthly performance called Little Fictions, where actors read our stories to live audiences.

You can follow Spineless Wonders on Twitter @SpinelessWonder, and you can find more information about book clubs, performance events, launches and more on our Facebook page


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Sam van Zweden was Writers Bloc’s Online Editor from 2013 - 2015. A Melbourne-based writer and blogger, her work has appeared in The Big Issue, Voiceworks, Tincture Journal, Page seventeen, and others. She’s passionate about creative nonfiction and cross stitch. She tweets @samvanzweden.


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