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At the end of 2013 I ran away to South America, and it has been from trendy Colombian cafes whose staff sport near-identical hats and sleeve tattoos, from tiny Patagonian towns where the only wifi comes via satellite and is troubled at the best of times, and from internet-equipped overnight buses with bedbug infested blankets that I have been working on the fourth issue of the Stilts journal.

It’s been a while since we released an issue – over a year – and we’ve been working on this for a pretty decent chunk of time too. I guess we all know that the main challenge of running a self-funded literary publication is finding the time to do it, in between working multiple jobs, our own writing practices, chasing boys, drinking beers at pubs etc etc. And so the main appeal of fleeing the country for the southern continent was the time it would afford me to do these projects that I wish could always be the first priority.

And so.

The main manifesto behind the Stilts journal is that each issue can and perhaps should be a departure from the format, feel, and ideas of previous issues. It’s a transformative beast, which I hope means each issue is relevant, valuable, and unrestricted by what has come before it.  

Issue four will be the cleanest, most spacious issue we’ve produced, exploring long-form practice across written and graphic works. We’ve selected four diverse and experimental pieces of long-form writing and a photographic essay. Jennifer Mills looks into a world where birds and death dominate. Samuel Rutter explores the space that follows of a relationship breakdown in suburbia, and the murky relationship between writing and reality. Ellena Savage searches for logic where weapons, love, and race intersect. Pavlos Kozalidis’ black-and-white film essay looks at rural life, ritual, and displacement in working-class Europe. Plus we have a new designer, the legendary Jack Dunbar, who will create a book, or a set of books that make sure each work has space to breathe.

We’re really excited about this issue. Each piece has moved and excited us and around June or July the whole thing will be ready for you.


You can find out more about Stilts on their website - both the journal, and all the other amazing things that this literary collective do! 

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