We Need To Talk About Your Writer Bio

This is an ideas piece by Elizabeth Flux, about how young writers are killing their careers


On Narrative Nonfiction

Brendan James Murray, on the sometimes fine line between fact and fiction in narrative nonfiction. 

There’s currently a turf-war being fought on the Australian literary scene.


The Art of Adaptation

This is Craig Hildebrand-Burke, on what the golden age of TV and Film adaptations means for writers. 

It’s Oscars season, which inevitably means a whole lot of arguments about merit in art occur, alongside futile attempts to compare one film to another.


Leaving New York

This is Scarlett Harris, with her Obligatory Leaving New York Essay.



Writing Guilt

This is a piece by Scarlett Harris, on writing and guilt.



Be Kind To The Dog

This is a piece by Robert Lukins, on the sometimes long and always wonky road to publication.

It’s all very strange.


On Nature Writing

Geoff Orton reflects on why he's been reading more nature writing and lists some favourite books.


Between a Blog and a Hard Place

This is a piece by Scarlett Harris, on the changing landscape for online writing. 

It seems that everywhere I look on the internet these days there’s a nostalgia for blogging.

Emily Gould, the prolific former Gawker writer who arguably changed the way we think of blogging, wrote of her wistfulness for blogging in—what else—her TinyLetter, which seems to be the direction in which what we formerly knew as blogging is heading.


Ideas: Hot Take Culture

This is an Ideas piece by Scarlett Harris about why we should maybe cool it with the hot takes. 


Winging It - Reflections on Criticism

This is a piece by Rebecca Dempsey reflecting on the Criticism Masterclass at the recent Emerging Writers Festival.

Photo: Alan Weedon (alnwdn.com)

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