Something To Say

Elizabeth Flux talks to Jo Walker, Editor in Chief of Frankie Press, about Frankie's  new book.  


Interview | Matt Reilly

Samuel Elliott, in conversation with acclaimed author Matt Reilly


Interview: Lorelei Vashti

This is an interview with Lorelei Vashti.


Interview | Kim Kelly

This is an interview with Kim Kelly, author of several books, most recently the novel Jewel Sea.

Jewel Sea is the story of the Koombana, Australia's forgotten Titanic tale, a narrative of ambition and greed at the end of the empire, and one perfect, cursed pearl. To read the first chapter for free, click here


Interview: Laura Bloom

This is an interview with novelist Laura Bloom


Interview: Julie Koh

This is an interview with Julie Koh, author of the the new collection Portable Curiosities, in conversation with Patrick Lenton. 


Interview – Briohny Doyle

This is an interview with author and academic, Briohny Doyle, by Raphaelle Race.

The Island Will Sink is Briohny Doyle’s debut novel, a book about the questionable joys of technology, interconnectivity and the human mind.


Interview | Todd Alexander

This is an interview with Todd Alexander, by Cameron Colwell

I met Todd Alexander at the Newcastle Writer's Festival. I’d seen him speak at his panel, Boys To Men, having read his first novel, Tom Houghton, earlier in the year. I was drawn to it because of the promise of exploring a narrative I had not seen before in fiction: That of being a gay man in suburban Sydney. The novel follows the preteen Tom in the end of his primary school days, while the alternative chapters show the adult Tom: Alcoholic, lonely, and haunted by the bullying in his traumatising past.


Interview | Josephine Rowe

This is an interview with poet and novelist Josephine Rowe.


Interview | Blak & Bright - Australia's Debut Indigenous Literary Festival

This is an interview with Jane Harrison, the Director of the Blak & Bright Festival.



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