Review: Down The Hume, by Peter Polites

Cameron Colwell reviews Peter Polite's debut novel Down The Hume.

Down The Hume


All About (Certain Kinds of) Women

Scarlett Harris reports from Sydney's All About Women Festival. 



The Zen Kitchen

This is a review of Adam Liaw's The Zen Kitchen: Easy Japanese Recipes for Home Cooks.

Too often cookbooks are treated as instruction manuals - a list of DIY projects that focus heavily on method rather than motivation. While of course this is a vital element of the cookbook’s purpose, it misses an opportunity to construct a narrative.


Talking Writing: Who’s Writing Who?

This is a review of Talking Writing: Who's Writing Who? – a NSW Writers' Centre  discussion and showcase of cultural diversity in Australian writing.


Review – Weird Sydney

This is a review of NSW Writer's Centre's live event, Weird Sydney.



Review – Their Brilliant Careers

This is a review of Their Brilliant Careers: The Fantastic Lives of Sixteen Extraordinary Australian Writers by Ryan O'Neill. 


Review | A Loving, Faithful Animal

This is a review, of Josephine Rowe's A Loving, Faithful Animal. 


Review: Aurealis #87

This is a review of Aurealis #87, edited by Dirk Strasser

Raphaelle Race

It has been over 25 years since the journal Aurealis was established. Its aim: to create a market for Australia’s healthy speculative fiction-reading population, and a friendly place to submit for those writers with the need to delve into the unreal, the fantastical and the theoretical.


Review | Not Just Black and White

This is a review of Not Just Black and White by Lesley and Tammy Williams, our Bloc Club book of the month.


Middlesex: Bloc Club Notes

This is a Bloc Club post, where we invite a writer to discuss this month's Bloc Club book, Middlesex.



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