Reposts of magnificent articles from our archives. 

On Winning And Losing

This is a Writers' Other Jobs piece by Sunil Badami, who won the game show Temptation. 


From the Vault: The book that fed my football obsession by Ellen van Neerven

This is a The Book That... post from award-winning Indigenous Australian writer Ellen van Neerven. You can check out her website here, and her Twitter here


The Book that Fed My Football Obsession


Ellen van Neerven



From the Vault: Eli Glasman on The Book That Gave Me YA Writing Guidance

This is a 'The Book That...' post from Eli Glasman. Eli Glasman's debut novel, The Boy's Own Manual to Being a Proper Jew (Sleepers Publishing), about a homosexual boy in the Melbourne orthodox Jewish community, is available in both soft cover and as ebook from all good Australian bookstores and the usual places online.


Worst Fairy in the World

 This is a Writers' Other Jobs piece from author, journalist, short fiction writer and lecturer Meg Mundell. You can find her on twitter here and her website here

Worst Fairy in the World


Meg Mundell



Literary Cities: Alberta, Canada

This is a Literary Cities post from Emilie Zoey Baker.

Alberta, Canada


Emilie Zoey Baker


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