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Whenever I go on a rampage of my current pop culture obsession to my friends, the comment I usually receive is, “Wow, you watch a lot of TV!” This is true: I can't deny my love for the clones of Orphan Black, the unbearable tension seen in Fargo's penultimate episode, the garish colours and shocking violence of Channel 4's Utopia, the hilariously incompetent politicians in Veep. So yes, you could say I watch a lot of TV.

I'm TV-mad but a good deal of my TV consumption comes with looking for a space to discuss TV, be it online or off. As with every TV fan, it's always satisfying to talk, discuss, write or tweet about TV. I tell my friends how excited I am about Peter Capaldi on Doctor Who, I was once caught at work googling “list of books read in Orange is the New Black”, and I snuck in a very important question for Breaking Bad's Vince Gilligan on Twitter. In the age of Game of Thrones, TV-watching is now paired with the essential after-viewing discussion.

But what about TV shows that pre-date the internet phenomenon of “the recap”? Sure, there are still ardent fans who make a conscious effort to discuss pre-2008 TV shows (e.g. The X-Files Files, Snarksquad) but these active online spaces can be hard to find. After devouring Firefly, I felt almost uneasy that I could hardly find anyone to share my gleeful joy of Nathan Fillon horrendously mispronouncing Mandarin characters. I finished watching Six Feet Under last year, but felt rather frustrated at the confused looks my friends would give when I bring up its devastating finale that aired nine years ago (Nine years?! NINE YEARS?!). It seems like a petty problem, but wouldn't it be great to have a shared space to discuss TV classics? To catch up with TV shows that have long ended, and have a fruitful discussion later?  Think of a book club, but with TV shows. It's a friendly environment, where every member's a TV nerd who's watched the set episode.

That's what Writers Bloc's very own TV Catchup Club intends to do. For the whole month of August, we'll be catching up with the 90s classic Twin Peaks. Starting Tuesday August 5, you are invited to join us in watching the very first episode of Twin Peaks . Yes! Laura Palmer! Log lady! Dale Cooper! Damn fine cups of coffee! It's going to be pretty exciting.

Tuesdays will be spent with a viewing party of an episode (or two). We'll be live-tweeting ‪#‎blocclub

and holding a mini post-episode discussion on our Facebook group. Later on in the week, there'll be a recap post on the blog including the best tweets, comments and discussion between two Bloc pals.

Our schedule for August will be:

August 5


August 12

Episode 1 (Traces to Nowhere) & 2 (Zen, or Skill to Catch A Killer)

August 19

Episode 3 (Rest in Pain) & 4 (The One-Armed Man)

August 26

Episode 5 (Cooper's Dreams)

September 2

Episode 6 (Realization Time) 

September 9 Episode 7 (The Last Evening)

Next week, we'll have Craig Hildebrand-Burke discussing a bit more about David Lynch's masterpiece, but for now, pencil in the date: August 5, 7.30pm AEST. We'll see you in Twin Peaks. Beware of Bob.


Are there any TV classics you'd like #blocclub to cover? E.g. The Sopranos, The Wire, The West Wing. What are your favourite TV shows from the 2000s? Comment below or tweet us your answer.

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