Most disputes in the world of Maltora were good versus evil, but the conflicts between The Kingdoms of Zaskar and the theocracy of Lustrate was freedom versus tyranny, or perhaps order verses chaos.


At the start and end of the battle, King Harry, Prince Geoffrey and Count Jason of Boudreaux were hale and healthy.  But, at various times during the day of fighting against Zaskar, each of them was dead for a period of time, before being restored to life by divine magic. And, sadly, under the archaic Lustrate laws, inheritance happened at the moment of death. So, despite being healthy and able to fight for Boudreaux, Jason was no longer count. His son, back at in his keep, was now unexpectedly count.

The amused Zaskar leaders took some glee in yelling this, during the fighting. That Jason was no longer count, by the very laws the army of Lustrate was fighting to defend. To not only uphold, but extend into Zaskar.  The once-count had no authority to command the troops of Boudreaux, and it might be treason to obey him, when another noble of Lustrate was count. Frightened of committing treason, many of the Boudreaux troops routed and fled back to their home keep.  Once-count Jason fought on, until he realized he longer had to uphold his oath as count, since he’d lost the title. He’d never supported King harry trying to extend Lustrate Law into neighboring kingdoms, so he and those still loyal also retreated to Boudreaux.


Elsewhere, a noble of Zaskar had been captured by the Royal Lustrate Army.  Count Jason of Zaskar took even greater delight in questioning the authority of once-king harry. 

“It matters not, count without honor.  When the king dies, our vows of service transfer instantly to his heir.  So, we will fight on, following King Geoffrey.”

“Ah, but does your new king want to pursue war with Zaskar.  And is Geoffreey still king?  By your own rigid laws, Geoffrey might not be king any longer.”

“Of course he is king.  He became king the moment Harry died.”

“Exactly. But he also died.  If he became king before he died, his younger brother George is king, so you can’t obey Geoffrey. Then again, if he died and returned before his father died, he is king, so you can’t obey George. So, obeying either risks treason against Lustrate.”