This is a few words on a thing that we love, that we are quietly confident you will too.

Here at Writers Bloc, we spend a lot of time in bookshops. Call it an an occupational hazard. 

As is the way with bookshops, we often stumble across and discover new treasures. And sometimes, these aren't even books, When we discovered these bespoke greeting cards by artist Alison Turnbull in a Paddington bookstore, we knew we had to share them with the world. 

Al is a stylist, illustrator and graphic designer based in Melbourne. She’s a self confessed lover of leopard print and gin and tonics (check out her Hendrick’s Sketches and you’ll know what me mean) and makes these beautiful greeting cards. 


All her cards are wonderful, but when we saw her Bubble O'Bill and Rainbow Paddle Pop cards we were overcome with a sense of nostalgia. So sweet, so neon, and memories of summer and nagging our parents for one came flooding back. We immediately started nagging Alison to let us sell them through our newly-minted webstore. 



  Click For Bubble O'Bill 



       Click For Paddlepop            



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