'The twist' is a staple of classic detective novels and courtroom dramas. But it's also right at the heart of a good April Fools joke. And Ellen is one of the best at it.

But subverting expectations is also the power of really great comedy, so this month, we're looking at the way comedians and comic writing works. 

And for today's Wednesday Writing Prompt, we're asking you to subvert our expectations.

You could:

- Have a character the reader learns to trust, then make us detest him/her

- You open a letter addressed to someone else that was put into your letterbox

- Change narrative voice and time period (don't mind us, we just read Slaughterhouse 5)

- Go Mr. Darcy on us and be utterly unlikeable and aloof, then give us a reason for being so.

Bet you didn't think we could get from bats flying out of Ellen's head to Colin Firth's best sexy eyes. And, of course, there are infinite ways you could put a twist into a story. Why not dazzle us with some and share it in the workshop?


The Wednesday Writing Prompt is going to be part of a wider effort to get people writing. We're hosting #WriteHere events in Sydney and would love to have involved either online or off. If you'd like to meet up in your town, let us know in the comments section. Otherwise, keep us updated with word counts using #WriteHere

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