This is a Wednesday Writing Prompt from Gemma Hawdon.


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As a writer, you know all about the highs and lows.

When you’re full of confidence, and your words flow freely, then you’re probably experiencing a high. These highs are usually followed by days clouded in panic and uncertainty. Your word flow slows or dries up altogether and you doubt the same scenes you wrote so proudly only yesterday. But you can exploit both moods to improve your writing and further your career. Today’s writing exercise shows you how.


'The Highs' Challenge

Use this time to increase your word count and progress your story. Write freely, without judgment.


'The Lows' Challenge

Use this period to be your harshest critic. Question what you’ve written, how can you improve it? The low is your dose of reality, your leveler – be brutal!

If you’re game enough, share your writing and any lessons you learned in the Writer’s Bloc workshopping space.


Through the highs and the lows, Gemma Hawdon writes web content and copy for clients at The Write Time. She’s also just completed a MG fantasy book and writes a blog, Top Of The Slush Pile, which documents the adventures of writing a book and trying to get published. You can follow her on Twitter @gemmaleehawdon


If you'd like to share the fruits of today's prompt and receive feedback on your work, head to the WRITE space and upload your work. Don't forget to include "(WWP)" in the title so we know it's a prompt response! 

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