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“Dance like the photo's not being tagged, Love like you've never been unfriended, Tweet like nobody's following.” ― PostSecret

As technology evolves, so too do the ways in which we communicate. 

We exchange ideas and inside jokes with people we've never met. We learn what colour eyes a new celebrity baby has mere minutes after he's been born. We read and write articles about our experiences and are reassured we're not alone. 

Yet as wonderful as this process can be, it does not occur without complications.

A small misrepresentation or misunderstanding quickly becomes the target of an all-internet stacks on: a racist commuter's rant is ridiculed from the other side of the world; a dangerous idea is killed before it can properly be explained.

We send an email or a text and - shit! - autocorrect has swooped in last minute to completely change the meaning of our message. 

Or in the rush of wanting to publish an opinion piece on Tony Abbott's latest gaffe, we've failed to consider a particularly important perspective. But we can't go back once we've hit send or tweet; in a digital world, our words are permanent. 

Choose one example of a dilemma we face in publishing in a digital age, and explore how it highlights the limitations, frustrations or humorous side of us being instant publishers.

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