Today, I'm trekking up to the Blue Mountains for a bit of R&R because school holidays are TOUGH.

And instead of bypassing loads of Sydney's fascinating (and delicious) suburbs on the way, we're going to take a dog leg and to head to Fairfield. It's one of Australia's most diverse suburbs therefore, probably our most mouth-watering. Seriously, one of the shops has something called a Dulce de Leche pie. 

How good do those things look?

Today's prompt is all about the sweet stuff. You could describe the most delicious chocolate eclair you've eaten, write a scene where someone is baking a cake or you could get factual and write about sugar and the body. It really is up to you and we're loving what the writing that is showing up in the workshop.  

Or if you're feeling saccharine, give us the most sugary sweet poem or prose you can imagine. 

Happy writing (and eating)


Geoff Orton is a teacher, founder of Writers Bloc and Co-ordinator of the Younger Young Writers’ program at the National Young Writers’ Festival. He is also a tragic Boston Celtics fan, waiting for next years draft. 

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Geoff Orton

Geoff Orton is the founder of Writers Bloc. He's also a teacher and a Boston Celtics tragic.