Recently, I was teaching a bunch of Year 7 students about the Globe Theatre and we couldn't get past the behaviour of the groundlings. Tales of pickpockets, debauchery and drunkeness at the theatre. Heavens above!

One of the elements that kept occuring in the writing of my students was the use of projectile tomatoes, as a sign of disgust. As fun as it sounds to hurl a love apple at an actor, tomatoes weren't really that common. However, it got me thinking about a writing website a friend told me at our most recent Book Club event. 

For reasons unclear to me, the website presents a simple technique that is often called the Pomodoro method. Essentially, it allocates 25 minutes for you to complete a specific task. As a reward for your focused effort, you can take a 5 minute break before getting straight back into the writing/dishes/painting the back fence.

Why 25 minutes? I don't know but my goal is to write, code and upload this post in that time. 

Today's writing prompt is to write something, anything in 25 minutes. You can use the first minute or so to come up with an idea and then bash out as many words as you can. We'd love to know how many you get done. 

If you're stuck for ideas, why not write something about a fruit or vegetable ideal for throwing. 

Also, if you're keen to join me, I'll be sitting down at 6pm tonight for 25 minutes and I'll be using #WriteHere to update everyone on word count.

Happy writing. 


Geoff Orton is a teacher, founder of Writers Bloc and Co-ordinator of the Younger Young Writers’ program at the National Young Writers’ Festival. He wrote this blog with eleven minutes and three seconds to spare.

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Geoff Orton

Geoff Orton is the founder of Writers Bloc. He's also a teacher and a Boston Celtics tragic.