Last Sunday, rip publishing and Writers Bloc got together to make little miracles happen.

As part of the You Are Here festival and the Canberra Zine Emporium's Zine Fair, we combined local ACT artists, kids and generally inquisitive people to come and sit with some blank paper and create some zines. Some of these zines were made using writing sent from across Australia. We had over 70 submissions (which made typing them out on an old typewriter a challenge!)

Below are some of the zines created on the day, as well as illustrated 100 word stories from you talented so-and-so's. 

We had loads of local talent on hand.

We had loads of talented people on hand

And stickers.

And Duncan from Scissor Paper Pen's typewriter

So we had everything we needed

It was loads of fun for the whole family
This is what 70+ one-hundred word stories looks like

Pretty, right?

This is someone's story, illustrated on the day

And another

We started by asking people where they were

Some of the zines were more abstract than others

Others used a bit of wishful thinking.

For more of the images, check out rip publishing's Facebook page, they have HEAPS of photos up for you to see.

Also, keep an eye out on the blog because I reckon we'll do something fun like this again real soon.

If you're interested in reading the stories, some of them are kicking around the Read section of the Writers Bloc website.


Geoff Orton is a teacher, founder of Writers Bloc and Co-ordinator of the Younger Young Writers’ program at the National Young Writers’ Festival. He writes poetry, short-stories and the occasional recipe for his friends.

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Geoff Orton

Geoff Orton is the founder of Writers Bloc. He's also a teacher and a Boston Celtics tragic.