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I think I’m inwardly sadistic. Last year I travelled to a city I’d never been to, in order to lock myself in a room whilst people challenged me to various writing tasks for 24 hours straight without sleep. I finished that challenge a tired confused mess, dancing to keep myself awake...

...But I was already dreaming bigger.

What if I could do it for a whole year?

I’ve just turned 22 so I don’t know much about anything, and certainly haven’t had time to perfect the art of writing. But if I could write a story every single day for year, surely I’d pick up a few things. And, if I could get more people involved I could learn from them too.

The good thing about not knowing much is you don’t stop to think about just how hard it’s going to be, you just run at it with blinkers on. I fixed up my website and began posting stories.

I am now 2 months into the challenge and it’s pretty tough. I’ve written on my birthday, on Christmas and even with a high fever. However, it’s already been worth it. I’ve written on candles and scratched into seed pods, left my stories in libraries and on cars and even been sent someone’s real diary entry as inspiration.


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  Just last week I wrote a story for a stranger’s house with a fence I’d often admired. I didn’t have to wait too long before they’d responded with thanks and a photo of them with my story.

strangers fence

There’s still about 300 stories left, but I’m already feeling happy about the connections it’s forcing me to make, and the stories it’s forcing me to write. I suppose if you’re going to torture yourself, it may as well be productive and inspiring. ***********************************************************************************************

Feel free to poke about on or follow me @freyawriter & And remember, until November this year I am your personal writer and human play thing. I’ll write your ideas into stories and accept your wildest writing challenges.

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