I have a habit of saying am going to write am going to write. This happened recently when I had to submit a short story. I had all the ideas in my head down. Like always my trusted notebook was bang on with bits and bobs about what I wanted the story to be. It seemed I was writing everywhere else except the actual page that I was to write on. I would open the blank word document screen and it seemed like for a moment all those ideas were afraid of the bright screen. I would sit there and place my hands on the keyboard and stare. After a few minutes i would close the screen and divert to another pintrest board and say to myself I'll write it. It sounded like a good idea because I DID have the idea. What was stopping me from actually putting them down on the screen? As the deadline got near I knew I had to sit down and actually write it. It stopped being enough for me to keep saying I was going to do it without actually DOING IT. Once I submitted the story I took a step back to question why it was I had been hesitant. I realized that it was easier for me to keep saying it than actually doing it. Putting something off just because you have the plan in your head becomes the excuse to not actually do it. It offers a cushion and for a moment the fear of rejection, being turned down etc. becomes clouded by your own excuse. So what did I learn from all this? Write it down on the actual platform. Stop just saying it and ACTUALLY DO IT. The people at Nike have it worked out and in case you forget, Just Do It.