Sometimes I wonder, why do humans exist? What's the purpose of life? Why are we brought into this world? And then comes the questions piled all along, each passing day. Sometimes, they become unanswered and to some you'll never find the answers. However, life is a fight, so give it a go.

I am here to share some important aspects of life which have changed me immensly and encouraged me to live further and not give up when things turn rough.

To start off. Life is a battle and we humans make mistakes, I think that it is normal cause no individual is pitch perfect. But learning to get rid of your mistakes every single day is a challenge. Let me help you illustrate the good and the bad.


There comes a point in life where you got to make choices which sometimes turns out to be too easy and some too difficult. If we take the easy, we would only consider the ''good'' side and disregard the ''bad''. Remember there's always a bleak side in every choice we make and selecting the 'bleak' wisely is indeed difficult. I am not saying that you should always consider the negatives whilst making a choice, what i'm trying to point out is that, you should be an optimist and make a wise choice. For instance, say, you want to take a job offered overseas but you are in the midst of completing your degree. Lets say the job offer is a worth take and you get to earn more than your present wage. Think again, is it really worth it in the longer term? If you sacrifice your studies and then pick the job will you ever get the same motive to do studies again? Are you capable of managing both at the same time? All these questions pile up in your head when you try to make a choice. Put it simply, in order to pursue one you will have to sacrifice the other. So make sure you select the best and not regret later.


What comes into your head when you hear the word 'lesson'? Pretty sure, all you would think is about a lesson you've learned in school or class. Have you ever thought about the lessons that life itself had taught us? No, cause we never realize life could actually teach us lessons until we have actually learned it. What can life teach you? There is a massive number things that life could actually teach you. But you would only notice it if you are wise. Let me  share a lesson I've learned throughout my lifetime. So well, I picked the wrong ones to date. They say love just happen but is it temporary? That is called 'fling'. And when you date make sure it does add some meaning to life, I am not saying you got to analyze everything you do in life, but think twice before making your choice. Cause heart-breaks may hurt and I'm sure you don't want to go through that pain. They say '' Pain changes people''. It is possible for pain to play a major role in lives, but do not make it the subject to turn your life around. In fact, learn the lesson from your last chapter and try not to give in the wrong choices.


No individual remain the same. We age but we barely notice until we become weak. The best days of your life is when you are fully active and when you got all the strength to do all whatever you desire. Make sure you do your best to stay healthy and well. Cause life itself is a run, and you got to keep running until you turn numb. People don't realize that they turn old every passing year. If you could think about it further and make use of the time effectively I guess that would add color to your life. So why wait, make it productive every split second!


Have you ever had the time of your life? Or are you still thinking of enjoying it further? To tell the truth not all of us realise what ''time of our lives'' actually mean. In fact different individuals may look at it in a different angle. But selecting the right angle and making use of the best time is a worthy choice. After all it's all about time. Whenever things happen, say an accident which you least expected occurred while you were on your way to an exam. Do not blame yourself for rushing, if you were unable to take the test this time why not try it later. Remember it's not the end of the world. God himself have made up our schedule on what we ought to do now and what should not be done. So if things don't happen in the right time, wait for it. There will always be a perfect time for every thing.

I hope you got a brief understanding of the aspects I've shared. Also keep in mind I'm no expert in analysing life, and if ever you think there's something which is not right, feel free to contact me.

Life is sure a battle, so rise up and chase your dreams!

-Kaneesha Dawood