Every time I think of it I can only see you leaving

All angry and guilty

I’d never want you to be guilty but yeah

I always wished you were

It’s hard to know I know

But it’s been harder for me as well

It’ll remain like this forever

I need to go very far

I need to forget you, forget us

I need to forget somebody like you ever existed

I won’t be able to take another breath if I don’t

I’ll live in the shadows

I’ll regret everything I see

I’ll remain sad if that’s what you want

But if you know me, you will let me go

I look at you with anger which I don’t want to

I lie to you which you don’t deserve

The truth is what I’d like to give you

But will you be able to handle the truth

Wish you could ’cause I really want to tell you how I feel

And why I live the way I live

Why I’m leaving and why I won’t come back

I really wish you could