Greedy Ralph and the witches of Wellington

Hilda began her morning the same as everyday, smoothing out the edges of the foil wrapper and relishing the last of the chocolate in her mouth. Glueing the foil to the paper, she decided her lastest masterpiece was finished. She walked to the front of the shop and took down the previous picture, sticking up the new one. Another week another picture she thought to herself happily, sighing. This one was Starry Night, and she'd eaten a lot of white chocolate for the blue wrapping.

She came out to check it was stuck on straight.

Next door, Evelyn was popping her racks of fruit and vegetables out the front of the Spice Shop.

Good morning Evelyn! Hilda said, following suit and placing chairs and a small table out the front of her shop.

Hi Hilda! It’s such a gorgeous day outside! Evelyn said, blowing her friend a kiss.


A roller door was being thrown upwards down the back end of the arcade, releasing and the smell of coffee and freshly baked bread into the world.


Ralph was a man used to getting his way, and he and everyone else in the small city knew it. He weaved his BMW in and out of the traffic until he spied the car spot he wanted; straight outside Wellington Way. He was looking forward to discussing the proposal with his fellow council members. Of course, he had to be stealth and use his wife’s name, but he had some practice with the schemes.

He envisioned the place modern, clean lines and high ceilings. None of this cramped, new age shit he muttered to himself, slamming the car door. He stood underneath the stained glass window entrance and looked up. He wanted a new pizza restaurant and upmarket bar, and this was the place for it. Right in the city, near some of the better hotels. He was used to getting his way.